Teams are crucial for the success and wellbeing of a company. One team has the power to either strengthen or weaken a company by 100%.

For years I have been working with national and international teams from all branches and work fields. What I noticed is how important the constructive and healthy communication is for the success of a company between team members but also across teams. Studies have shown that the stressor number 1 for most employees is a conflict with another college. If this happens the team as whole is weakened and less resilient.

My team-coachings focus on strengthening all team members so that they can recognize, appreciate and use differences in work style and character in a positive way. Conflicts have a new meaning if the intention and meaning of the conversation partner is understood and being put into perspective. It is also important for team members to understand their own role and behavior in a team setting.

Crucial for my team-coachings is a sense of respect and trust. As a result your team will know how to deal with difficulties and challenges and emerge stronger and more resilient.

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